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Glossary of Terms
Allowable Stress Increase - A percentage increase in the stress permitted in a member, based on the length of time that the load causing the stress acts on the member.  The shorter the duration of the load, the higher the percentage increase in allowable stress.

- Connection between the roof or floor framing members (e.g., trusses, bracing, etc.) and the building structure, which is required to transfer the forces from these members into the building.

Apex - The uppermost point of a truss.  See Peak.

Attic Scuttle - Framed opening with removable cover providing access to the attic.

Axial Force - Push (compression) or pull (tension) force acting along the length of a member.  Usually measured in pounds, kips (1000 lbs.), tons (2000 lbs.) or the metric equivalents.

Axial Stress - The axial force acting at a point along the length of a member divided by the cross-sectional area of the member.  Usually measured in pounds per square inch.

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